S. M. Bjørklund (steinmb) is a Norwegian freelancer Drupal and PHP developer. Currently based in the lovely city of Bergen, the the gateway to the Norwegian fjords.

PHP method chaining - Fluent interface

If you have used ever used Drupal or any other frameworks like Symfony, Laravel and so on have you probably come across code that look something like:

Temporary relocated to Glasgow, Scotland


I'll be working out of Glasgow, Scotland from April 2018 until the following autumn. If you are in need for a local Drupal and PHP developer in the Glasgow/Edinburgh area do not hesitate to contact me.

At Drupalcon Vienna 2017


Drupalcon Vienna - Wien

I will be attending Drupalcon in Vienna (Wien), Austria. Looking forward to one week of Drupal and PHP. At Drupal or in Vienna, feel free to get in touch or buy me a beer.

ELMCIP now a public project on github


I hardly ever write anything about what about I spend my days working on. I cannot promise this will ever change, but here is your chance, ELMCIP. A project I have been involved with for many years, mainly as the back end developer and but also cat herder. It was started and created by professor Scott Rettberg, UiB that contracted me to help develop, scale and maintain it.

Twig - Drupal meetup


Join me to talk about Twig and Drupal 8. I'll be talking about the new template engine, Twig and what does it really mean to us. We continue the discussion after the talk at the local pub.

Drupal talk and drupal beer in Bergen May 11 2017

Stein Magne Bjørklund

Bergen, Norway now have a official meetup group. And we test the waters by giving two talks at our first meetup. I will be talking about Drupal 8 core and media. Where are we now? Helge from Oneiros talks about newest layout methods CSS and modern browsers can provide.

Free of charge sign up at meetup.com.


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